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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

The user of Multilingual Academy agrees to use Multilingual Academy for his/her information regarding our offers, packages and services.

The user will contact Multilingual Academy at our email and wait for an answer from our teachers. 

The user will contact Multilingual Aademy , only if he/she is interested in our services, packages and offers, and would like to learn any of our languages provided on the site, at the time the users contacts Multilingual Academy.

Privacy Policy

As long as the user contacts Multilingual Academy for the services we provide, the user's contact deails will be safe with Multilingual Academy.

The content of Multilingual Academy is a private statement therefore, should stay on this site and not be used for any other uses.

Terms of Use

The user will use Multilingual Academy site for his/her information regarding our services.

It is forbidden to be used any of our pages, stattements or paragraphs by any users for his own benefit.


In case of contacting us by Skype, without a prior call or e-mail, where we will have an appoitment made, we will not accept the invitation, therefore we will decline the contact or may as well considere it as a spam.


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