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Multilingual Academy offers a variety of study options for all levels.

There are different packages options, according to the learners needs and time. 

The prices bellow are for individuals and based on the course's length.

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               First 2 Lessons - Only £20

All Languages
Standard Program | 2 lessons per week | 25 weeks / A total of 50 hours
This is a long term program. It gives you the pace time to run your life as normal as you usually do, while you can still prepare yourself and learn a new language or improve the level of a language you allready know.

PRICE: 750 £

All Languages
Intensive Program | 10 lessons per week | 25 weeks / A total of 250 hours
This is an intensive program and works very well when you expect yourself to learn a language in a short time.


PRICE: 3,750 £

All Languages
Private Tutoring per hour 
This is a program that works well around your time, depends of how busy your days, weeks and months are.


PRICE: 20 £ per hour
Exam Preparation
5 lessons per week | 8 weeks / A total of 40 hours
This program is for any of your exams preparation. The lessons will be prepared acording to your exams levels.
PRICE:  600 £
Business English
5 lessons per week | 8 weeks / A total of 40 hours
Go for the right job opportunity or keep up with your job discription. We will do our best to schedule the lessons around your schedule.                                      


PRICE:  800 £
Business English
Private Tutoring
You may have your dreamed job or you may want to go for the job you diserve. We are here to help you to take your knowledge to another level. We will do our best to schedule the lessons around your schedule.


PRICE: 25 £